Living Consciously

          As a renegade spiritual teacher and coach, I have been assisting seekers of spiritual truth since 1999 who are willing to wake up and live their lives more authentically and more consciously as they become the change they wish to see in the world.

The process begins by building a relationship of trust and understanding, compassion and empathy through conversation, curiosity and wonder, deep listening and a sense of humour.

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Dying Consciously

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I met Barb through our hiking group, and without really knowing a lot about her professional background, I sensed from our conversations, that she would be a good listener.   On a rainy April morning, I called and spoke to Barb about a work related decision that I had been stressing about.  It was weighing me down, causing me to toss and turn at night.   I talked, she listened, reflecting  my words back to me. Some emotions and tears came to the surface and she advised me to “sit with my emotions, and ask what they are telling me.”  In the course of our conversation I was able to do that. I wasn’t sure what it meant to “sit with my emotions.” I told her I usually need to write things down or talk them out and that was what I was doing.”  I was able to identify that taking a risk was causing me angst. My inner voice had been telling me for years, “I am no longer a risk taker.”   I identified that since becoming a mom (19 years ago – that’s a long time), it was all about ‘staying safe, keeping the kids and my family safe, ,“– telling myself I was conservative and not a risk taker.    But in the end, that identity does not sit well with me.  I might even take motorcycle lessons this summer.

I would recommend Barb to others searching for an empathetic listener. She is intelligent, grounded in a natural spirituality (not bricks and mortar, as she would say), supportive, positive and was able to provide the right key words and ideas when reflecting back to me.

I did indeed end up having the conversation with my manager early this week, which went well, I was not stressed and I am sleeping well at night again. Thanks Barb!“

…A. Love, Charlottetown, PE

“I felt heard by you and completely understood.  What works best for me is to talk through my challenges, get some perspective from someone who hears me and asks the questions that make me think in a different way.  With your help, I was able to gain insight and stop obsessing about something for which I had no control over.”

…S. Arsenault, Charlottetown, PE

“It is my pleasure to recommend Barbara.  In my opinion and experience, Barbara’s work is vital and her gift for it is second to none.  Barbara has a way of bringing timeless spiritual truths to everyday personal, professional and community scenarios in an intellectually stimulating and deeply enriching way.  Her fresh and original insights, generous traits and renowned gift of empathic listening and constant learning will profoundly evolve the life, vocation and community of any client who seeks out her services.”

…C. Taylor, Toronto, ON

“Barb is a skilled coach, a wise woman who is passionate about helping others.  She has the courage and integrity to be authentic even when the situation is life-changing.  Barb encourages and motivates people in a respectful and loving manner.  She speaks her truth. She walks her talk and I admire her.”

…L.St. Jacques, London, ON

“I found the session highly helpful.  You were able to quickly assess all the information that I put forth to you.  You were able to quickly intuit my space. And your parting suggestion at the end of the hour was so profound.  I have committed it to memory and I am trying to live it as much as possible.  That was the most telling indication that you truly understood what I was able to share with you.  Thank you for your wisdom.’

…L. Chang, Toronto, ON

“Barb has a persuasive style that engages clients (individuals and groups) to uncover their authentic calling in life.  Barb is willing to go where many others are too timid to venture – a place called self.  Her transparency, humility and joyful personality invite those she is coaching to do the same.  Bravo, Barb!”

…K. Eve, Toronto, ON  

“Thankfully, Barbara and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  She is a warm soul who can get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  Although she is direct in her approach, she balances it with love and genuine empathy at a level that is not only endearing, but also very soothing and calming.  She has helped me find the answers by reminding me of what I already know; going within and learning to trust myself.  

…M. Neiser, Burlington, ON