The Bigger Picture: Do Not Shoot The Messenger

We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, a world within a world and the world today is reflecting/mirroring the collective consciousness (unconsciousness?) of who we are, who we’ve become. Every system we have created reflects the dysfunction and unsustainability we have created and supported for centuries.

Donald Trump and his cronies reflect the ego of the Love of Power, the old paradigm of being. The things we don’t like about him are the things we must change within ourselves. The systems we have created have risen to the surface for major correction. We can see some of that already taking place within some of those systems now, e.g. some mayors in the U.S. are bypassing Trump and signing on to the Paris Climate Accord; some mayors have designated their cities as sanctuary cities for refugees.

Humanity must change. To do that, we have the choice to wake up, take responsibility, remember who we are as source energy (unconditional love), stand up, speak out in order to shift from the old paradigm love of power (ego, fear, illusion,lack, separation) to the new paradigm power of love (freedom, joy, truth, abundance, connection).

We are in an intimate relationship with the earth. Many of us cannot or will not acknowledge our responsibility to create a livable, sustainable and regenerative earth home.

Everything we say, think and do has a direct impact, energetically on the collective consciousness contributing either positively or negatively to the whole.

It is not someone else’s responsibility to change things, it is our individual responsibility to do so.

The first step with any addictive behaviour is to admit we have a problem, that we are the problem and to commit to doing everything it takes to be the visible change necessary for the awakening of a new humanity, and a new earth.

Do not shoot the messenger. Wake up to the bigger picture. There is a grander purpose to what is happening in our world. Change can happen at all levels when the people decide they have the power to effect change, and refuse to wait for an authority outside themselves to take responsible action. We, the people, can effect change for the common good.